Our Midwives and Partners in Care provide a wide array of clinical services specially designed to meet your needs.

From pap smears to pelvic floor physical therapy, we have you covered!

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Midwifery Care 

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Our Partners in Care



Bay Area Breastfeeding and Education AKA BABE has been serving Houston families for over 8 years. They provide breastfeeding and lactation support from pre-lactation through weaning. 

House calls  and virtual visits are also available.

Well Family Health
& Wellness Coaching

wellness coaching

Well Family Health & Wellness Coaching gives you the tools, guidance, clarity, and accountability to live an intentional, aligned, and connected life. Their Nurse Coaches guide you in reaching your goals and reclaiming your health. 

Virtual consultations are also available.


Wholesome Start
Nutrition Counseling

Wholesome Start Nutritional Counseling provides holistic care which empowers you to nourish your body and feel you best without rigid diets, stress, guilt, or shame. 

Virtual consults also available.


pelvic floor

physical therapy

Empower Yourself PT offers a broad range of pelvic floor therapy services targeting pregnancy and postpartum pain, urinary incontinence, diastasis recti, painful intercourse, bowel dysfunction, low back pain, and much more. 

In-home appointments are also available.


The Center for Postpartum Family Health is a group of licensed professional counselors, social workers and marriage and family therapists. Their clinicians specialize in supporting individuals and their families work through a variety of challenges including grief and loss, postpartum mood and anxiety disorders, infertility, birth trauma, self-care, family/couple adjustment to children, and couples counseling. 

mental health

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