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The Bumpdate

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

The Weekly Newsletter for Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Family and Friends


Happy Monday dear friends. We hope that your weekend was filled with goodness and some relaxation. In case you missed it, we featured shoutouts to some of the HOH dads from their kiddos on our Instagram account. It's so fun watching expectant couples grow into parents. Much like childbirth, the process of letting go of the expectations we had about parenting before we actually had children can be difficult. With my first we tried very hard to keep her wardrobe fairly monochromatic. Lots of blacks, whites, and greys. I rejected anything pink and frilly! I absolutely would not buy into the bigger-than-her-head Texas bows or rows of ruffles on my poor baby's butt. Fast forward two years and half a dozen Disney movies later, and my kid wouldn't leave the house without a tiara and some form of glitter on her face. All my planning and this little person just keeps doing exactly what SHE wants. It's pretty hilarious and utterly humbling. All of that to say, keep following their lead, friends. Parenting might be harder than you thought it would be, but you can do hard things and we've seen you bring a human into the world so we know what you're capable of.

Hurray for new spaces!

Our dear friends and colleagues at West University Wellness are moving into their new space this week and we are so excited for them. Also, totally jealous. Last year we were touring for new spaces for our businesses around the same time. We even tried to find a location that could accommodate us both since we share so many clients but apparently not many people wanted 400 gallon tubs in their buildings. What's that about?! When we nailed down our new location on Mapleridge our friends at WUW were still on the hunt for their perfect space. While we picked tile and wall colors, Dr. Long and Dr. Ploy had narrowed their search and it looked like we might be neighbors after all. So when I received a flyer in the mail announcing the grand opening of their new location I'll admit I turned a little green. I'm ready to move too! I want to show off all the new rooms and light fixtures too! I also know that comparison is the thief of joy and I am so, so happy for our friends. I LOVE that we'll eventually be just down the street from these incredible folks and that together we'll serve our collective communities even better in our new spaces. So while we still do not have a move date for our birth center, we are excited for the progress we see each week and we know we'll get there eventually. Today we celebrate our friends and their big move to Bellaire! Congratulations, friends, we are so happy for you!!

Stay Connected to Your Community

Member Area of our website

It's hard to believe that we are expecting our 70th HOH baby this week. It's even harder to believe that our 2023 calendar is already filling up! With so many new people we want to be sure that everyone knows how to stay connected to each other. If you need any assistance accessing these areas please email Jessica.

  • Groups: Our weekly online and in-person groups are open to all Heart of Houston clients and Whole Heart Collective members. RSVP to the event page to receive a link to the online meeting rooms. Expectant and postpartum members welcome.

  • Private Member Area: Members also have access to the "members area" of our website. Here you can chat with fellow members in the forums. You can also access our digital library of learning material including recording of some of our core classes and other presentations.

  • WhatsApp: We have two chats for our families. One is for the birthing person and the other for the non-gestational partner. These chats are very active and typically where folks go to schedule meet ups outside of the birth center, ask questions or just share the highs and lows of parenting.

  • Events: Our hope is that you and your family are able to attend some of the various events we plan each month. Now that our first crop of babies are becoming toddlers our goal is to continue providing programming that will keep you connected to your HOH friends.

  • Circles: Don't forget we have safe spaces for LGBTQIA+ families to meet and bi-weekly playdates as well.

Pumping 101 & Donations

image from poshmark user mayoa88

Don't forget that this Sunday's pregnancy circle will be lead by Leah Jolly, IBCLC. Leah will cover everything you need to know about pumping including maintaining your supply, back to work tips and how to make the most of your specific pump. This class is free to HOH clients and Whole Heart Collective members. This class is open to the public for a cost of $40. You can sign up for a month membership to the Whole Heart Collective and receive a full month of programming, including this class, for just $30!

**If you have a spare pump you do not want anymore, Leah is looking for donations to add to her resource library. Donated pumps will only be used for demonstrations**

Meet Our Newest Midwifery Students

Jola Ogundiya, RN

My name is Jola Ogundiya. I am a labor and delivery RN in my last semester of midwifery school at TTUHSC.

The birth process piqued my interest long before I was only enough to understand it fully. I remember watching A Baby Story on TLC in middle school and deciding early on that I wanted to work with pregnant women. I started nursing school knowing I wanted to work in L&D and eventually go into midwifery when the time felt right.

My experience has taught me that far too many providers do unnecessary interventions. I wish every woman knew how to advocate for themselves and their care. I enjoy meeting people during an exciting time in their lives, educating people, and empowering women.

Before COVID, I loved to travel and hope to return to it soon. I enjoy experiencing different cultures and trying new foods. I hope to go to Hawaii after graduating and Bali next year.

Carolina Guzman

My name is Carolina Guzman. My tribal name is Pekekna Payawe't X'am Pauta'p (Sings Many Songs with Hawks). I'm a member of the Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe of Texas.

I'm a student midwife learning through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program. I also offer Bengkung wrapping to help assist new mothers in the postpartum period along with traditional herbal knowledge that is supportive of recovery and lactation.

After the birth of my second child in a birth center, I was drawn to the role for multiple reasons. I have always loved birth, and the creation journey our bodies go through. Being there as a supportive person, offering care, traditional knowledge, and the encouragement of autonomy over our bodies are a few of the reasons why I'm drawn to Midwifery. I wish everyone understood how a healthy pregnancy and labor in its natural form, with the right support and guidance can be a safe, healthy choice.

Being able to support the birther and their family in their journey is the most rewarding part. Knowing that they are fulfilling their vision in regards to their new little loved one is something that is priceless.

My children are always at the forefront of everything I do. I hope to continue traditions and teach them lifeways that will help them navigate the world. They are most definitely my pride and joy. My eldest child is at Texas State and they are studying Theater Tech. My youngest is 3 and believes he is a dinosaur

Birthday Bulletin

Upcoming Events

  • Postpartum Support Group ONLINE: Wednesday 6/22 10-12pm

  • Postpartum Support Group/Feeding Clinic: Thursday 6/23 9:30-11:30 IN Person

  • Meet the Doula Night: Saturday 6/24 6:45 pm-8pm Donation based HOH & WHC members. Online option available. Register on event page.

  • Pregnancy Group: Sunday 6/26 Pumping 101 with Leah Jolly, IBCLC class is free for clients and Whole Heart Collective Members. $40 for all others.

Ongoing Events

  • Postpartum Support Group: Every Wednesday from 10-12ish and Thursday 9:30-11:30. Zoom link has been sent to all HOH clients and Whole Heart Collective members. Email Jessica if you need more information.

  • Feeding Clinic: Twice a month during Postpartum group. Keep an eye on schedule for specifics

  • Queer Parent Circle: Second Sunday of every month 3:30-5pm Open to the public!

  • Birthworkers Circle: Second Sunday of every month starting Jan 2022 time 11am-1:30pm

  • Various Childbirth Education Curriculums starting soon: Rebel Birth weekly series or weekend intensive,and Bradley Method with Anne Zwicky. Birthing from within.

That's all for now! Have a great week everyone.

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