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About Us

Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Center is a midwife led free standing birth center serving the greater Houston Metro area.  In addition to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum care, our midwives provide a full range of services from menarche through menopause.  We offer clients personalized, evidence based, and truly collaborative care no matter their life phase. We also partner with physicians, lactation consultants, physical therapists, dietitians and other professionals to provide collaborative care and support to families regardless of location of birth.

Heart of Houston provides a comfortable, inviting, and safe space for you, and your family.  We are here to listen and learn from you while offering recommendations based on evidence and clinical experience.  When you leave our doors we want you to feel strong, proud, satisfied and safe in the knowledge there is a whole community standing behind you.



Midwifery Services 

birth & postpartum care

gyn and wellness care


Image by Samuel Scrimshaw

The Birth Center

Our birth center is designed to offer all the comforts of home while also providing a safe and functional birthing environment. We offer two private birthing suites, each equipped with on-suite bathrooms and generous soaking tubs.  While in labor, you and your guests will have also access to the family lounge and kitchen. To increase your privacy, our birth suites are located on the second floor separate from other clinical areas.

Your birth team is there to provide comfort and support normal labor to progress. You will be encouraged to eat, drink, and move about freely.  We have years of experience supporting laboring persons and all sorts of techniques to support and ease the journey including hydrotherapy, tens units, birth pools, spinning babies techniques and so much more.  We encourage you in giving birth in whatever position feels best for you and offer the option of water birth.  We will also assist you or your support person in receiving the baby if desired.  After giving birth, you will be given all the time you need to initiate breastfeeding and bond with your new baby. We will also be there to support for a full year postpartum!

In addition to the required TX state licensing, our center is pursuing national CABC accreditation (Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers).  We are located about 4 miles West of the Texas Medical Center.

The Team

meet our team

Mary Love 2.jpg

Mary Love 


Certified Nurse Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner

Jessica Gonzales.jpg

Jessica Gonzales


Program Director

Student Midwife

Birth Center
 Bethany Horton.png

Bethany Horton APRN, CNM

Certified Nurse-Midwife

Clinical Director

Kate Jones.jpg

Kate Jones CPM, LM

Certified Professional Midwife

Rachel Palomera.png

Rachel Palomera RN

Facility Director

Birth Assistant


Paige Hopkins

Birth Assistant

Photo-Emily Hardy_edited.jpg

Emily Hardy RN

 Birth Assistant


Christine Ellis RN

 Birth Assistant


Mary Bratcher EMT-B

Birth Assistant

CJ Thorpe.jpg

CJ Thorp

Midwifery Student

Mother Holding Baby Finger

What we Stand For


To strengthen individuals, families, and communities one birth at a time.


To provide healthcare in a way that treats people like people not patients.


We believe in:

  • The midwifery model of care

  • Treating all people with dignity and respect

  • Fostering safe spaces that allow for open communication

  • Respecting autonomy by practicing informed consent and collaborative decision-making 

  • Building mutual accountability and trust

  • The power and necessity of community

  • Valuing and supporting the well-being of employees and their families

  • Integration and collaboration with all healthcare professions    

  • The importance of education, continuous learning, and endless quality improvement

Kind Words From Our Clients


Water Birth

"I felt considered, respected, consulted, and informed. I felt in charge of my care and experience. It was night and day from my previous care in a "typical" OBGYN practice, where I felt like I was just another body moving through their practice."

"Even if you plan on delivering in a hospital: this group of providers still has so much they can offer you...

I look forward to the weekly postpartum group now. I'm grateful to be growing in motherhood with other women, in a space where we are comfortable to discuss our worries, frustrations, and successes!"

"I wouldn’t have felt good walking into a hospital birth without Mary Love. She made me feel safe and informed and I’m grateful to have gotten to birth with someone who’s knew me so well from our many prenatal visits....I highly recommend Heart of Houston!"

Whole Heart Collective Member

 Hospital Birth

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