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Whole Heart Collective Membership

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What is the whole heart collective?

The Whole Heart Collective is a holistic merging of trusted professionals dedicated to enriching the pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. After serving hundreds of Houston families over the past ten years, we have curated the very best practitioners from our area into one group accessible to everyone regardless of where you are delivering your baby. Membership also includes access to group meetings, workshops, classes, services and discounts from our Partners in Care as well as postpartum support groups and family events.

What makes this program unique? 

The WHC is a unique way for Houston area families to receive care that focuses on the whole person and whole family, whole- community experiences. Your medical provider will continue to monitor and care for your physical health and that of your baby while the WHC is a coordination of integrated care that incorporates your specific values and desires before, during and after pregnancy.  Pregnancy is the starting block of a whole new adventure and having a trusted community to turn to can help make the process less daunting and even more rewarding.

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Maternity Meditation Class

What is included in the whole heart

collective membership?

  • Support Groups, Classes/Community sessions:(childbirth, lactation, relaxation,  etc.)

  • Access to webinars, digital library and resources, private social media platforms

  • Community activities: picnics, play dates, mommy nights, dad/partner's  nights, etc.

  • Member pricing for individual midwifery wellness services

  • Member pricing for services from our Partners in Care (dietitian, lactation, etc.)

  • Discounts from partnering businesses (chiropractor, massage, doula, etc.)

  • Much Much More!

What is the Whole Heart Collective?

Testimonials From Our Members

Bryn D.

I don't know how I would have survived the first year of motherhood, or possibly beyond that, without my postpartum mom support group. I was so incredibly lucky to find five other mamas who had babies 10 days-3 months older than mine. We were all first-time moms, navigating breastfeeding, postpartum hormones, return-to-work or starting out as stay-at-home parents, and everything in between. We laughed, we cried (mostly me), we shared resources, we got lunch together - this was the 'before times.' We were strangers, but after one meet up, I felt like I had found friends. We exchanged numbers and started texting each other. Having another mama to text at 2:00am while you're nursing in the dark, while your partner sleeps next to you, makes all the difference. It made me feel less alone. You've probably heard "it takes a village", and there is no truer statement. New moms need all kinds of support. A postpartum mom group is the #1 thing I would recommend. You might be thinking, a group could be awkward or weird. I won't know anyone else. Guess what? They won't either. The mamas from my group have become lifelong friends. We have a group text and we're now navigating 3-year old behavior and still sharing tips. We have monthly-ish mama happy hours. And we are dreaming/planning about a future vacation as a big group. I'm still getting support from them, and would be lost without them.

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