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Bumpdate August 23rd

A Weekly Newsletter for Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Families

Over the weekend

On Sunday we welcomed Kim Jones M.A., LMFT, LPC of The Center for Postpartum Family Health to our zoom pregnancy group. Kim gave us a breakdown of the Gottman Method and how it can be helpful with the transition from partners to parents. If you missed it fear not we will have the recording and all the resources that Kim shared in the digital library in our Members Area soon. Our class got me thinking about other prompts couples can use to discuss their family values or expectations before baby arrives. We each enter into relationships with our own history, beliefs and traditions. What combination of these things will you incorporate in your family? Here's a list of a few areas to explore. Put them in order of importance and list examples of each then compare it with your partner's list. Let us know if you find anything surprising about your answers!

  • Social Values

  • Political Values

  • Religious Values

  • Work Values

  • Moral Values

  • Recreational Values

  • Traditions

  • Shift in Gender Roles, Gender Fluidity, and Sexuality

But what do I REALLY need?

The folks in our OG postpartum group like to say, "There's no sucker like a new parent sucker." When you're feeding your little one and scrolling through Instagram at 2am those targeted ads promising to solve whatever problem you're facing are impossible to ignore. I'm convinced that first time parents fully funded Bezos' little trip last month. The good news is that sometimes those things are exactly what you need! The bad news is that because your baby is constantly changing, so are their needs. That fix will work for all of two days before a new one shows up. So what are the things that you REALLY need? Let's hear from a few of our first Heart of Houston babies, their folks and of course, Mary and I!

Magdalene and Max


  • Swaddle of your choice that is easy to do/undo – Zippers, snaps, and velcro are all great! Just no acres of fabric that require you to wrap-wrap-wrap.

  • An exercise ball – When baby wants to be held and rocked but you’re tired and your arms hurt, an exercise ball is a great solution.

    • Easy-to-prepare food and snacks – It’s easy to forget about your own needs while taking care of baby. Set yourself up for success with a snack basket or easy meals.


  • An Amazon Prime account – Chances are, you’re going to be ordering a lot of things during the newborn period. You’ll want them sooner rather than later, and you’ll want them to be returnable in case they don’t work out.

  • Empathy – Be kind and patient with yourself and your partner. Assume good intent. Decide what’s actually important to done “your” way, and what just needs to get done.

  • A buddy who can be your safe space – Sometimes, you just need to complain, vent, or have your feelings validated by a neutral third-party. Find a buddy in support group and offer to be someone’s buddy!

Mary Alice and Harriet

  • Great baby carrier you know how to use!

  • A travel sound machine for on the go naps.

  • Bluetooth headphones. I listened to a lot of books in the middle of the night!

Mary, John and Garth


Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment If you grease up their legs with this their and put their socks on over they won’t fall off. We called it sock stick. And their legs are soft and helps with eczema!

Virginia and Evangeline

  • Something to carry them in (I loved the baby k’tan active but any infant carrier)

  • Something to put them down in - we loved the Fischer price vibrating chair

  • Something to regulate your boobs— for me the haakka was crucial!

  • And a bonus, easy swaddles because **** trying to swaddle at 2 am!


Jessica, Elias and Anaís

  • Ring Slings are a must! Some folks have a hard time figuring them out at first but once you get the hang of it you can't live without it.

  • Mother's Love Nipple Cream, for ALL of the things. I haven't breastfed in years and we still keep it around for rashes and ouchies.

  • Hatch sound machine and night light combo. Control it with an app.

  • A big ass water cup with a straw. Breastfeeding thirst is no joke.

  • Fresh cut fruit and veggies in the fridge so you can make a quick snack. If you have someone coordinating a meal train for you ask for this in the rotation!

  • A tribe, village, crew, community or whatever you want to call it. Find your people and ask for help, celebrate the wins together, mourn the lows and listen to one another.

What are the things you turned to the most when you were in the fourth trimester?

Upcoming Events

All events are now virtual until further notice

  • Latch Clinic: Now on Zoom 9/1 & 9/15, 10am, Leah Jolly IBCLC will join our weekly postpartum support group to answer your feeding questions.

  • Infant CPR & BLS: Saturday August 28th 10 am, If you haven't taken a CPR class in the last few years we highly recommend taking a refresher before you bring your new baby home. This is also a great class for grandparents and potential babysitters. This class is an American Heart Association approved class. Sign up here. (This course is appropriate for expectant parents and healthcare workers)

  • Pregnancy Group: Sunday August 29th 4pm Pelvic Floor in Pregnancy and Postpartum Karen Kowenski our pelvic floor guru will be here to answer questions and give tips on caring for your pelvic floor before during and after birth. RSVP Here

  • Partner's Event: Get some hands on training for the newborn period. New parents and babies will hang out with expectant families to get the low-down on what the fourth trimester looks and feel like. Masks are required. RSVP Here!

  • Pregnancy Group: September 19th 2pm Newborn Care Basics and First 48 of breastfeeding. Jessica will teach what to expect from your newborn in the first few weeks of life followed by Leah Jolly IBCLC reviewing the ways to establish a good foundation for breastfeeding in the first 48 hours of your new baby's life. RSVP here!

Ongoing Events

That's all for now. Have a great week, friends!

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