Bumpdate September 20th

A Weekly Newsletter for Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Families

Happy Monday everyone!

We hope you all fared well with last weekend's storm. Thankfully the birth center held up just fine and we didn't even lose power. Last week we welcomed sweet baby Jasper into the Heart of Houston family. Jaspers' parents Alex and Albert worked together so beautifully to bring their baby earthside. Alex's mom Amber happens to be a doula and was thrilled to be present for the birth of her first grandbaby. Congratulations to everyone, we are so excited for you all!

We also added a few new members to the Whole Heart Collective so if this is your first issue of the Bumpdate we are so happy you are here! I'm always looking for new classes to add to our calendar and content for this newsletter. Let me know if you have any ideas for us!

Over the Weekend

Lactation supernova Leah Jolly, IBCLC joined us for our Sunday pregnancy group. Our focus this week was the first 48hrs with your newborn. I swear I learn something new every time I sit in on Leah's classes. This class is included in our core curriculum and Leah is always updating it with the latest research and evidence based practices. A recording is available in the members area and we will offer it again in person (fingers crossed) in the winter.

A brand new John Roland Love.

The first 48hrs are so vital in establishing a solid foundation for each new parent's feeding goals. We also covered newborn care and what to expect from your new baby. Spoiler alert; it's cuteness, poop and noise. Because we've moved our groups to virtual I wasn't able to teach some of the fun hands on stuff I do in person but really isn't on the job training a great way to master new skills? Guess you'll find out!

Leah will be back on October 13th and 27th for latch clinic during our postpartum support group. She will be available to answer your basic latching and feeding questions. To schedule a one on one visit with her please visit her website. Remember that current Heart of Houston clients and Whole Heart Collective members receive a discount when you book with Leah and her team.

Upcoming Events

Next weekend's (10/2) pregnancy group is going to be a fun one! Sasha Summing, LMT of Massage Momma and Evidence Based Birth Instructor , will lead us in a labor day rehearsal. You'll learn hands on techniques for managing labor and pushing. This event will be in person so masks are required and we are limiting the event to four couples. Please RSVP to snag your spot! If you can't make it next weekend don't worry this class is also part of our core classes and will be held again in the winter.