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Finding Our Forever Home

Written by Mary Love

I asked myself for years, "Why aren't there more birth center options close to central Houston?" Well friends, I can honestly say I have the answer to that question: "REAL ESTATE." I literally started scoping out suitable locations three years ago, when there was just a little glimmer of an idea of a birth center - before Heart of Houston even had a name. Yes, THREE years ago!

The last three years of property hunting has been filled with many of closed doors, explaining over and over again what a birth center is, more closed doors, hopes that were dashed, lessons learned, negotiating, scrambling, and just plain making it work. To be honest, after so many setbacks and disappointments, I kinda feel like I am just waiting for the crushing shoe to drop and send us back to the beginning again.

In January of 2021, Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Center opened its doors in the Tribeca Lofts building with the knowledge that as soon as we unpacked the boxes we would be preparing for another move. The buildings staff has been kind, patient, and so supportive. If you ever get a chance to meet J, the building's Super, please give him a hug. I think he might have been more excited than we were when I told him our first baby arrived last February.

Tribeca has been a great place to get our feet under us and grow, but it poses some big challenges. Mainly - parking, privacy, and storage. We are going to miss the amazing front windows, skylights, and brick wall in the birth suite, but moving on will mean bigger and better things for our clients, staff, and community.

Oh, if only we could take these windows with us!

Ok, I'll get on with it. Enough with the whimsical; get to the point. Later this spring we will be moving to our (hopefully) forever home, the Bellaire Professional Building at 6550 Mapleridge st. Houston, Texas 77081. I'm talking 4,200 square feet of well-thought-out awesomeness. The center will feature a separate entrance and lounge for laboring folks and their families, a community space, and multiple clinic and consult rooms.

Right now, it looks like a total mess.

To say we are all enthusiastic about this is an understatement. Not only will we have walls that go all the way to the ceiling (gasp) but they will be insulated! And there is sooooooo much parking! And cabinets. And two sets of washers and dryers. A utility sink! And office space for our staff, although I know we will find as many opportunities to gather around our table as we can. Oh yeah, we should finally be able to have nitrous oxide available!

Our contractor is projecting it will be finished up the third week of February and the space will be ready to move in at the beginning of March. We all know how promises from contractors and the city go... so our current projected move time is in MarchAprilMay. It is kinda like an estimated due date in a very long pregnancy. This is one of the reasons I have waited so long to write an announcement. We have already started mental preparations for moving and unpacking, as we know it will be a big task, and we have to have space ready at all times, should a baby decide to make its entrance on moving day.

Cabinet and shower details

Over the next weeks we (let's be honest: Jessica) will be giving updates through our social media about the progress. Expect lots of pictures, info, and teasers about the new space. Thank you to everyone that has believed in our vision, cheered us along, and signed up to have their babies with us, not knowing exactly where that birth would take place. Thank you for believing in us and helping us see that Heart of Houston is the people that make it up, not the the space it occupies. We simply can't wait to welcome you all in - and perhaps rally with us to unpack and assemble some furniture when the time comes.

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