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The Bumpdate

The Weekly Newsletter for Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Families


June 28th

Happy Monday everyone. Is it just me or has June flown by?! We are three days away from July and I could not be more ready for a three day weekend. June has been such a special month for us here at the birth center since the changes in COVID recommendations. The center has been bustling with babies and families; it's everything Mary and I dreamed it would be. So far we've welcomed four June babies into our Heart of Houston village and we are expecting another one any day now. We are so thankful to each of you for trusting us with your care and for putting your energy into making connections with your fellow Heart of Houston members.

Earlier this month we launched the Whole Heart Collective and I was able to convince Mary to sit down and record some content for our youtube channel. We've added a few new members and we are working on advertising more on our various social media platforms. We are adding a bunch of classes to our calendar of events so please keep checking back every week to see what's new and share with your friends!

Book Recommendations

We've added a new book to our lending library! This one is actually written by a local doula, DeShaun Desrosiers. Her book Our Home Birth With a Midwife is told from the perspective of a child waiting to meet her new sibling. Although we do not offer home birth services this book wonderfully illustrates the type of care families receive when they birth with us. If you're looking for a book to share with your little ones about your upcoming birth we highly recommend checking this one out. We have multiple copies for you to borrow. *Please remember to return your books to our library when you've finished using them.*

Over the Weekend

This past weekend had two great classes for our expectant families. In our When Things Don't Go as Planned class, Mary discussed some of the reasons interventions might be necessary before or during labor. Our friend Kellie and her baby Davi stopped by to tell us their birth story. Davi was born surgically at Texas Children's Pavilion for Women after a long labor here at the birth center. Even though things didn't go as planned Kellie was prepared for the unexpected and Davi's birth was a beautiful experience for everyone. Heart of Houston is so proud to have privileges at TCH and we are diligently working on getting into The Women's Hospital of Texas where our collaborating physician Dr. Damla Karsan practices. If you missed this class you'll have another chance to attend on July 11th

In the first half of our pregnancy class we covered comfort measures for active labor. We set up six different stations and practiced positions, massage, acupressure points and, my personal favorite, loud moaning. Trust me when I say you will be making noises during labor and none of us will bat an eye. Labor is hard work and you can do whatever feels right for you. Our next comfort measures class will be in August. Stay tuned for dates.

Upcoming Events

  • Latch Clinic: July 7th and 21st 10am, Leah Jolly IBCLC will join our weekly postpartum support group to answer your feeding questions.

  • Pregnancy Group: July 11th 2pm, Samina Quershi of Wholesome Start Nutrition will give us tips on surviving pregnancy in Houston heat. Mary Love will follow with a repeat of the When Things Don't Go As Planned class for those who did not attend the first offering.

  • Dance and Stretch Class: July 17th 10am, Joanna is back to ease your mind and prepare your body for the movements of labor. This class is like a session with a doula, yoga instructor and therapist all rolled into one. Take a moment out of your busy schedule to focus on your changing body and growing baby. Class is $15 for Whole Heart Collective members and all Heart of Houston families and $20 for the public. Feel free to invite your friends!

  • Pregnancy Group: July 18th 2pm, Dr. Ploy of West U Wellness Chiropractics will join us for a discussion on Body Alignment and Adjusting to Your Growing Baby. We'll talk about how important alignment is to optimal fetal position. Dr. Ploy specializes in the care of pregnant bodies and babies. Jessica will follow this talk with hands on session of exercises and activities to help your baby get into and stay in an ideal position for birth.

  • Infant CPR & BLS: July 31st 10 am, If you haven't taken a CPR class in the last few years we highly recommend taking a refresher before you bring your new baby home. This is also a great class for grandparents and potential babysitters. This class is an American Heart Association approved class. Sign up here. (This course is appropriate for expectant parents and healthcare workers)

  • Family Brunch: August 14th 11am, Come meet your fellow Heart of Houston families! Get to know all the great people in your HOH community in a not super awkward setting. This is a potluck style gathering so bring a dish to share.

Ongoing Events

Have a great week, friends.

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