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The Bumpdate

The Weekly Newsletter for Heart of Houston Birth and Wellness Families and Friends

Over the Weekend

Happy Tuesday once again dear friends. We've officially entered fall in Texas or what we call cooler summer. All was quiet at the birth center over the weekend but Midwife Mary and her kiddos celebrated their pup Barney winning first place for best trick at the Fort Bend County Fair's family pet show. Garth Love trained Barney to balance a cup on his head! Congrats to everyone!

Friday I attended my fourth Spinning Babies workshop hosted by Midwife Rowan. It was a great refresher on all things related to movement and gravity. Our midwives are frequently asked about the baby's position as clients approach their due dates. Most babies will do whatever they want until their heads get so heavy that gravity pulls it down. Before then there's not much you can do to get your baby into a certain position but you can work on keeping your pelvis aligned and practicing good body mechanics. You can visit the Spinning Babies website for their recommended daily activities OR you can join me on October 19th at 6:00 for our evening Core Class: Stages of Labor. I'll be reviewing some of the activities and tips on preparing your body for labor and birth. This class is open to Whole Heart Collective members.

Music Magic

We absolutely LOVE having Anna and Jonathan, co-founders of Prelude Music, in our space. Our very first Music for Pregnancy class was so much fun! It was also happening at the same time as a birth so we were SUPER excited for that first in our new space. I've dreamed of the day when we wouldn't have to cancel events because of a birth and now it's actually happened! Yay us!

This morning we welcomed our friends back for a Music for Babies class. Nostalgia hit me hard and I had to sit in for a few songs. I have such fond memories of attending classes at Prelude with each of my babies. It's such a unique way to connect with your kiddos and other parents. I love that Anna always starts classes with, "In this class we always connect more than we correct!" What a great reminder to just be present with your little one and let the music guide them. If you're interested in learning more about Prelude Music classes please visit their website and check out the variety of classes they offer. I'm also happy to announce that we will have alternating demo classes every month here at the birth center and everyone is welcome to attend. Check out our calendar of events for the next dates.

It's International Coffee Day

You've probably seen the memes and t-shirts with the saying "I run on coffee and cuss words" and I feel like that is the most accurate description of my life right now. In the last three weeks my kids have each had a birthday party, one lost a tooth after weeks of it hanging on by...I don't even know what, and my in laws just left town. Oh and not to mention four births and all the general shenanigans at the birth center. I try to keep my caffeine consumption to around a cup or two a day, but I know that many pregnant people have questions on how much caffeine is okay during pregnancy. Most experts agree that around 200 milligrams a day, which translates to about a cup and a half of drip coffee, is best. Our best advice is listen to your body especially in the first trimester when it can be hard to hold food down. Coffee can have diuretic effects on your body so focus on liquids that help keep you hydrated such as plain water, electrolyte water, or coconut water. Bottom line is don't beat yourself up for having a cup or two of coffee a day if that's what's keeping you going. Everything in moderation, including cuss words.

Birthday Bulletin!

This Week's Events

All events, classes and circles are now at 6550 Mapleridge 77081

Upcoming Events

Ongoing Events

That's all for now! Have a great week everyone.

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