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The Bumpdate: RSV Vaccine, Community Building, Prelude Music for Babies and November Events!

Happy Halloween!!!

Hello dear ones! Fall and winter decided to visit Houston at the same time this year and can you believe it's time to change our clocks AGAIN?!

We had such a great time over the weekend at our annual Spooky Baby Bash. Thanks again to everyone who came out to celebrate with us. In case you missed it you can check out the slide show of all the cuties in their costumes. Thursday is Dia de los Muertos and we'll be doing a small craft in our weekly postpartum support group. Hope you can join us!

Today also happens to be Midwife Kate's birthday! It's been a year since she joined our team and we've loved getting to know her and we know you have too. Head over to our Facebook or Instagram and show our beloved Kate some birthday love!

Snotty Season

Baseball season may be over but cold, flu and RSV season is in full swing! This year we have new recommendations from the CDC and the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) for pregnant folks: "ACOG recommends the Pfizer RSV vaccine if you are 32 to 36 weeks pregnant from September to January. The vaccine creates antibodies that pass to your fetus. This means the baby will have some antibodies to protect them from RSV for the first 6 months after birth." If your due date falls within these dates, we recommend you call your local Costco or Walgreens to schedule your vaccine. If you've already had your baby or are not planning on getting vaccinated, here are some helpful tips for reducing your risks for RSV.

While the cold and flu can usually be managed at home look out for more severe symptoms of RSV as seen in the attached video. Here are a few reminders for parents with new babies:

  • Keep visitors to a minimum. Let your guests know if they are not feeling well to stay home, even if they think it's just allergies.

  • WASH YOUR HANDS! Especially older siblings who attend school or daycare. It's impossible to keep your kids isolated from one another so just do your best!

  • Good nutrition and rest for everyone, especially the birthing parent!

Other tips on managing symptoms:

  • Frequent feeds/fluids. Keep them hydrated which might be hard for tiny babies since breathing while nursing can be hard. Expect lots of popping on and off the breast, be patient.

  • Cool moisture from humidifier can help keep congestion loose. Sitting in a steamy bathroom with a drop or two of eucalyptus oil can help loosen up stuffy nose and open airways for more productive coughs. Follow this with a good Nose Frida snot sucking session.

  • Sleep upright or at an angle. This can feel a lot like those hazy newborn days. Your baby might want to be in your arms more than usual since laying flat can increase postnasal drainage.

  • Remember that this can last a week or more but it WILL END! Hang in there.

Don't hesitate to reach out to your midwife or pediatrician if you have questions or concerns.


This is the final week of early voting in Harris and Fort Bend counties. Please take the time to find a polling place near you and cast your ballot!

Dance Magic Dance!

When my babies were small I spent so much time singing and dancing with them that we now have fairly regular dance parties as part of our evening routines. Both of my girls took classes at Prelude Music and I really believe the classes helped to foster their love of music early on. We are so happy to partner with the folks at Prelude to offer a free intro to Baby Music Classes and Music in Pregnancy classes. Our next offering is this Friday at 12:15. This class is FREE and open to the public so invite your friends! Please RSVP to reserve your spot and come ready to make some core memories!!

Building Community for New Parents

By Anne Zwicky, Bradley Instructor

During the first few weeks after my baby was born, I felt very isolated. I was tired, confused, and lacked confidence. Was I doing anything right? A friend I met during childbirth classes called me to check in, and she invited me to go with her to a weekly support group. That group changed my whole outlook! Talking with others helped me realize I wasn’t alone in my feelings. I felt like my baby cried all the time, so did many of them. I had succumbed to the allure of the pacifier even though I said I wouldn’t do it, so had many of them. I hadn’t showered in days, neither had they! I struggled with new things each week, but going to group brought me a sense of calm and readiness to continue on.

Now I’m a childbirth educator, and I walk alongside many new parents. My basic job is to teach about labor and birth, but my favorite part of my job is helping students build community.

I strive to create a space for parents to connect with others who will have babies of similar ages. This can help ease their transition to parenthood. They have a place to ask questions and safely express fear or anxiety. Through their community, they often learn that the things they struggle with are common struggles for many parents. This can normalize their experiences, calm their fears, and relieve anxiety. Many of my classes continue to meet for baby play-dates, walks at the park, and birthday parties. Sometimes I'm able to get together with former students and their babies to see how the new families are developing! This is one of the best parts of teaching childbirth classes - getting to play a role in growing families and helping to give them the best start possible.

I’m so thankful for how the new parent community I found served me, and I feel fulfilled whenever I can help my students build community and ease into finding their parenting rhythm. This is also what I love about Heart of Houston! They provide their clients and Whole Heart Collective members with so many avenues for connecting with other parents. The 4th trimester can be overwhelming, but community can help. If you haven’t yet jumped into their group resources, I encourage you to give it a try!

Take a Walk

Cooler weather means Community Walks! We will begin meeting Wednesday mornings from 9 to 11am at various spots around town. Our next scheduled date is 11/8 and we will meet at the main entrance of Centennial Gardens and take a stroll through the beautiful grounds. Bring your stroller or wear your baby! Keep an eye on our Instagram page for updates on locations and weather cancellations!

This Sunday!

Preparation for the Postpartum Period. This class will discuss both physical and mental activities that can be done during pregnancy to ease the transition to the postpartum period and the new roles associated with such. This will include resources about returning to daily routines, including intimacy, and the reduction of possible symptoms that may impact quality of life. Class is FREE and open to the public. Please register!

November Events!

New address 6550 Mapleridge Ste 100

Monthly Ongoing Events

  • Thursday In Person Postpartum Support Circle: 10-12 in the community room. Open to current HOH & WHC members. Feeding clinic first and third Thursdays of each month.

  • Queer Parent Circle: Second Sunday of every month 2-4pm Open to the public.

  • Babywearing Beginners Series:Every Third Saturday 4-5pm Free for HOH & WHC

  • Birth workers Circle: Second Sunday of every month 11am-1:30pm midwives, student midwives, doulas, birth assistants, Obs and L&D nurses are all welcome to attend.

  • Various Childbirth Education Curriculums starting soon: Bradley Method with Anne Zwicky

That's all for now! Have a great week everyone.

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